The aim is to setup a headless VDR backend which:

  • provides content via VNSI to an OpenElec client
  • provides a web interface for live viewing and programming
  • provides EPG searching
aptitude install vdr vdr-plugin-vnsiserver vdr-plugin-live vdr-plugin-streamdev-server vdr-plugin-epgsearch


Main configuration is located in /etc/vdr/conf.d/00-vdr.conf. Add -l 2 to reduce log spamming and specify --video= to the actual recordings location. Remove --lirc to avoid log spamming. Add --filesize=100G to split recordings into 100GB chunks.

Streaming has to be allowed for the local network in /etc/vdr/plugins/streamdevhosts.conf by adding the local subnet, e.g.

The web frontend listens by default on all interfaces, this can be changed in /etc/vdr/conf.d/50-live.conf by using multiple --ip lines so that it only listens internally:


The VNSI plugin provides a default config for allowed hosts which has to be adapted in /etc/vdr/plugins/vnsiserver/allowed_hosts.conf.


Following files are relevant for backing up timers and channels: